2010. július 2., péntek

FDÉkszer játék!

Viki - FDÉkszer - játékra invitál mindenkit!

Viki magyar blogja (Viki's Hungarian blog) itt található.
Az angol nyelvű pedig (her English blog) itt.

"So here it is, Viki's game GAME:

Anybody can pick 1 pattern from my ETSY SHOP for free. I ask only two things:

1. Please post this game in your blog with the link to my blog, so other beaders can play it too :)

2. Leave me a comment to this post with your e-mail address and the number of the pattern you would like to get.

I'm going to send your pattern as soon as I can /usually within 48 hours/.

At the end of the month one of you who commented my post will have the chance to win a 2nd pattern too :)

Good for you because you can have a free pattern (if you are lucky, 2 free patterns) and good for me for many many reasons, like publicity, nice comments and anyway, I like to give.

Remember, your pleasure is my pleasure too :D

Have a very nice day!

2 megjegyzés:

Elle írta...

Hi. I don`t know if this game is still open, i have seen it just now. Anyway i look at your peyote bracelets and i am spechless, they are so amazing, absolutely beautiful. Please let me know if i can post the game in my blog. Thanks

dbMárti írta...

Dear Mari!
It is not my game, it is FDékszer - Viki's game. You should visit her blog(Hungarian or English) and ask her.